MRN 2nd Edition Encyclopaedia Still A Bit Away…

So, as discussed previously here on “Lights, Sirens and Cigars”, as well as on Nino’s “Flying Cigar” blog, and then also followed-up on again as well here, the Min Ron Nee 2nd Edition Encyclopaedia was announced as delayed.

I’m not sure if further info has trickled out, but I have not heard or seen it elsewhere.  Recently though, I was informed of a further little tidbit from a friend, and thought I’d share it here.

There’s apparently no new update on a confirmed further release date for the 2nd Edition.  MRN is now apparently semi-retired and according to some recent conversations this friend had, he expects it to hit the stores late this year or early next year, but MRN is always checking and re-checking on the progress of the reprint / reconstructions of the new books.

Fingers crossed on seeing these shortly and any further production delays are slim to none.  It’ll definitely be an interesting finished project to see.

Cheers all.

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