Too Long Away, Too Much Support…

Yet again, another bullshit excuse from me, I know, I know.  

It’s been too much time back and forth away lately.  Too much time overseas, taking care of business needs, and not enough personal- and family- and friends’-needs.  Lots to catch up with soon enough – will try to get up to date soon enough, but will DEFINITELY have loads of time coming after April 21st (more to come on that, too). 

In the meantime…

Glad to know my childhood boys are always there for me.  These guys keep me grounded with a strong sense of home, self, and personal humanity – no matter how much it may waver or get lost from time to time with the trials and tribulations of the past few months and years.  They know everything that’s been going on, and still believe in me for who I am.

I am – an asshole.  Tried, true, and delivered.  And they love it regardless. 

My non-work-related brothers, in every sense of the word. 

So glad that bond remains strong. 

Cheers all.