Disclaimer and Legal Crap…

Okay, in this day and age, everyone’s gotta have one of these…

This is my personal blog, my personal creation, my own thoughts – at no point should anything that I state in this blog as my own opinion to be taken as representative of the opinions or policies of any government agency, organization, business, manufacturer, or entity that I may mention in these pages.  The views that I may espouse here are mine and mine alone, unless specifically related as otherwise.

This blog is not a business venture, and is solely as an outlet for me to share thoughts and good times enjoyed with those in law enforcement, SAR, military, and through Cuban cigars.  I’m not sponsored, supporting advertising, etc. – any reviews, recommendations, or support I give to any product or business is solely due to my own preferences and likes, and is not done for commercial gain.  This is just me – my space.

I’m a guy.  I drink booze, smoke cigars, swear, shoot guns, hunt and fish and enjoy the outdoors, have relations with my wife, and otherwise behave as some in society would like to see outlawed.  And amazingly, all while being a gentleman and a connundrum sometimes (I actually also am classically trained in piano, for example).  If you don’t like the thought of some of these behaviours, this blog may not be for you.  Change the channel.

The content of this blog is the express copywritten material of myself.  This includes the photos that I may take and attach to any cigar reviews or other blog posts – unless otherwise specifically noted, these are my own.  None of my photos or text is to be copied or used without my written consent (and when such consent is explicitly given, linking to my original material / posts is appreciated).  Likewise, any photos that I use that are not my own are credited items as purchased or used-with-permission, including photos that are open source and/or declared within public domain.  However, if you see a photo on here that I’ve inadvertently used, and you are the express owner or publisher of such, please contact me ASAP so I can rectify and/or remove the photo.

Cheers all.

[September 11th, 2014]

…it's all about the smoke

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