Recently Updated “Cigar Price List For Cuba”…

So a great BOTL, Yann, out of the Montreal-area, he runs the YUL Cigars online price list tool for Cuban cigars, with pricing for purchases of Habanos right at the LCDH shops in Cuba directly.  I think I’ve passed along his info / blog-link before, and with high praise.

Well, recently, he passed along to a bunch of us in the different forums and groups that he’s just completed some further updating and additions.  He’s also now added pricing for a lot of the rums, coffees, wines and other goodies that Havana-philes specifically look for too.  So, it’s an absolutely awesome reference to look over.

Quite simply, you can find the price list at his link here:

An absolutely invaluable tool for anyone into cigars, travelling to Cuba, etc.  Bookmark it, save it, add it to your Favorites, whatever you need to do.  Note that all prices are listed in Cuban convertible pesos (CUCs).

Cheers all.

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