Fun With The In-Laws’ Camera…

Lord knows it’s been a bit since I’ve done updating on here again.  And, this must seem like the umpteenth time that I’ve wrote on here saying as such, and that lots of updates are incoming, blah, blah, blah.

Well, it’s true – again.  LOL.  It’s been a hectic couple o’ months, surprise surprise, and I know I need to do some massive updates on here.  Soon enough I will explain all the delays.  But I got some wicked things for photo spreads and updates coming still, all the way back from the spring and summer too (Jamaica trip, range days, cool work-related and flying-around stuff, Las-Vegas-BABY! trip, another Havana trip update from mid-November, some awesome cigar reviews [RA 898, Bushidos, book releases, special custom sticks from the ISOM], etc., etc.)

In the meantime, here’s a fun little morsel for you all.

Note to those curious – do NOT leave your camera around when my wife, me, or any of our friends are drunk.  We’ve all picked up the habit from an old friend of mine, who (ironically enough) absolutely HATES to get his picture taken, but then when he’s right liquored, will wander around and find people’s cameras, and absolutely fill them up with candid drunk-him shots.  Remember those old disposable Kodak cameras from the 90’s and early 2000’s?  Well, when people in our circle of friends were first starting to get married, the in-vogue thing was to have one of these on each table at the reception, for a different viewpoint of the festivities.  Well, my buddy Jer, once hammered, would wander around the receptions, and fill up everyone’s cameras with shots.  Sometimes getting waaaaaay too cosy into the personal spaces of those he’d never met before.  Funny as hell though.  I’m pretty sure he was the inventor of the drunken selfie, prior to the invention of smart phones.

Anywho, something similar happened on Christmas Day, when we had my wife’s family over for that afternoon and Christmas dinner (I must say I did a KICKASS applewood smoked ham).  My Mother-in-law left her digital camera here – and the wife and I were quite liquored and in a good mood after.  So…

Thank gawd we didn’t take any worse pictures.  Or, at least, ones that we weren’t smart enough to at least delete before giving the camera back!  LOL.

Cheers all.