“You Are Not A Leader” – RCMP Cpl to Commissioner…

Here’s a good one.  Someone willing to speak truth to power (and frankly, the world needs a bit of that right now)…

CBC News – ‘You are not a leader’: RCMP boss’s testimony about Moncton shootings inflames corporal

Reminds me of some recent writings by retired OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis and from his “Lighthouse Leadership Services” consultant business, articles that have been fairly recently and frequently published in BlueLine Magazine, a policing monthly publication here in Canada.  Stuff about the difference between Leaders and Managers, about Leaders and “Bosses”.  About how being a leader is about ensuring those under you and that you’re responsible for are taken care of, how you listen to their frontline knowledge, how you value their input; on the contrary of being a boss or a manager, who only worries about the next promotion, about the “organization foremost over the individual people”, about doing the politically correct and easy thing, rather than the “right” thing necessarily.

I remember one article that Chris Lewis wrote that summed it all up so succinctly for me, as it relates to policing – not verbatim, but to the effect of…

“A manager or boss is the one who, when something goes wrong, asks their staff how they’re going to fix it, doles out discipline whether people were ‘wrong’ or not, and orders a timeline for getting things done, and takes the credit afterwards.  Whereas a leader is the one who, when something goes wrong, takes the blame for what went wrong, works with their staff as a team to resolve it, helps and assists their team to get it done, and doles out credit afterwards for positive actions, yet while also not ‘passing a fault’ and ensuring improvements are made.”

With everything coming out of the RCMP from the past decade-plus or so, and their continual head-in-the-sand mentality, I can’t understand why they just don’t want to move forward and improve.  Their members are…in need of it / begging for it / deserve it.

Sounds like the RCMP management team are still in need of reading Commissioner Lewis’ writings.

Cheers all.

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