Machismo Douchebags…

One can only hope that all of these reject jackasses find themselves in hot water or otherwise unemployed such as the one who’s now been locked in for firing from his position at Hydro One, and LOVE the fact that they’re going to find themselves banned from MLSE sites.

They had their drunken chance to apologize, missed out, and should be made pitiful examples of.

“CityNews’ Shauna Hunt confronts men hurling vulgarities at her while reporting”

“MLSE plans to ban fans who yell ‘FHRITP’ obscenties at reporters”

Subways, Trains, and Jewelry…

Love visiting Toronto whenever I can.  Lately, taking the VIA Rail train back and forth between work and home during days-off sets, I’ve had the chance to keep on popping into my former adopted-town. 

I miss it.  Lots of changes since I lived here for a number of years during the late 90’s (mostly in “the Beaches” area – a great little bohemian spot).  Like everything else, good and bad with those changes.  But, since I’m literally either driving or taking the train through once per week or so, it still feels like a third home to me – after my real home, and then up at the Base.  Something surreal and frustratingly sad about all that, but it’s the way things are for me currently.  And, things are still always nice about these trips when I’m also able to squeek in a visit, mini-herf, or other gathering with one of the myriad numbers of BOTL’s/SOTL’s we have in and around the Greater Toronto Area. 

All that said, I had the chance to pop downtown again today, have a good breakfast, pick up some Oakley gear for both work and play, and then of course, pick up some essentials for Mother’s Day. 



Gents – DON’T forget your Mom, Grandma, spouse, baby-mama, and/or significant other. 

Cheers all. 

Crepes for Breakfast…

Crepes for breakfast – what’s not to love???  

Something to bide my time as I sit in downtown Toronto, waiting for my next train, cracking into this “new” issue on Cuba by Cigar Aficionado magazine. 

In hindsight, maybe I should have sweet-toothed out and got the Nutella dessert one rather than the western omelette. 

Oh well.  Maybe I’ll do that for lunch!


Cheers all.