I’m A Slacker…

Alright, I know I’ve posted it before – I’ve been tied up busy for the past few months, and haven’t really updated stuff on here for a while now.  But, I’m ready to rock-and-roll again in the next little bit, and have a ton of things lined up.

Lots of work stuff to post.  Planes, jets, mysterious countries, tools and toys-for-big-boys and stuff, etc.  Some cool stuff to put up here.  Frankly, some things needed to get past a standard “6 months after” timeline for posting.

Lots of cigar reviews coming.  I’ve got some really awesome stuff back-logged on that front.  Some new spots and stuff I’ve stumbled across too, and some stuff with cigar goodies.

And definitely, I still need to post write-ups from the Nov 2017 trip to Havana (and frankly, basic stuff from the Nov 2016 one too!)  So, there’s a bunch of pics and tidbits for that.

It’s coming.  Sorry all, but I’ll get my shit in gear and stop slacking!!!  LOL.

Cheers all.

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