Welcome to Lights, Sirens and Cigars!

So, this is my blog – welcome to the crazy world that is to become “Lights, Sirens and Cigars”.  A bit of a primer…


[Photo credit:  Tony DiLorenzo Photography, http://www.tonydilorenzo.ca]

I’ve hummed and hawwed about starting a blog for a while.  I’m intending about this being my personal space – my soapbox, my pulpit, my own personal rant zone.  As you can guess from the title and/or for those of you who already know me, I’m intending for this to be about my two main passions (policing/emergency services and the comraderie surrounding cigars), with a little bit of added variety thrown in.  I’ve been thinking of doing a blog that combines a number of things that are closest to me – cigars (of course!), Cuba / Havana, as well as reflections on some of my other passions such as my work in military, policing, SAR, volunteerism, etc.

And yes – cigar reviews will definitely be a fairly decent chunk of what I’m planning to post here.  Please do us both a solid one though – keep in mind that my palate and interpretations are my own; if my reviews help guide you, great, but don’t attempt to preach countering (and equally-biased) opinions to me as absolutes.  Start your own blog and/or ignore mine.

Other than that, please let me know your general thoughts in the weeks, months, and years coming up as I get the chance to really get this blog going.  Posting of reader’s comments may occasionally be relatively minimal (due to me needing to be away for work from time to time) since they’ve gotta be vetted and approved prior to posting (again – it’s my soapbox, so get your own if you’re not happy!) – but I promise that I’ll read any comments sent my way, and possibly reply if able/needed.

Time will see if me spewing (even more) of my thoughts and reflections to the online world will be worth it or not!

Cheers all.

[September 11th, 2014]

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Lights, Sirens and Cigars!”

  1. Well done Keith on your foray into the mysterious world of the ‘Blogger”
    wishing you all the very best
    cheers Steve


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