It’s Been a Long Couple o’ Months…

…and I had a shitty summer.  As some close friends and work-mates know, my summer took a dive just before the first of July.  Some various family, personal, and work crises all came to a head, including a lot of the same through my wife’s workplace and family also.  Lots of pressure that had been building across various family issues since my Dad passed away in February of last year came boiling up.  I nearly lost my family, to say the least, and was rhetorically “cut off at the knees”, so to speak.

But, that said, the support and love I’ve received has been overwhelming.  My wife and I have been granted immense understanding through our respective workplaces (herself as a nurse, me as a military policeman), and it’s allowed us the time and space to get everything in order again.  I haven’t so much as checked in on FOH or here more than two or three times total in the past three months.

And so, I’m moving forward with everything again and “Lights, Sirens and Cigars”.  It’s been just over three months to the day since my last posts.  I got lots of great feedback about my post for “Freezing Your Ass Off At A Gun Range…”  Glad people liked it – more work-related fun to come.  Gotta get back into the swing of things again…

Cheers all.

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