Fun In The Workplace (Are We Allowed To Have That?!?!)…

So, some ask me sometimes what it’s like to work at a police detachment.  “It can’t be all seriousness, is it?” they ask.  Well, umm, no.  It can be, but we have a little fun too – yup, usually when the chain-of-command are nowhere to be found, LOL.

Frequently, let’s just say that “random gremlins” have taken to putting up motivational posters (and perhaps demotivational ones too, LOL) in various places in the detachment.  Or, e-mailing or texting sometimes work related memes and such.  Usually, there’s always gripes about the chain-of-command (not everyone agrees on everything all of the time), or about members of the public complaining, or other day-to-day trivialities.  And yes, some dark humour definitely comes into play.

Here’s an assortment of some of my recent favourites (at least the ones that I feel I can share, LOL).  Enjoy…

Then, there’s those fun memes that we text each other from time to time to have a chuckle (usually at the expense of ourselves)…

And then, when we’re REALLY bored, it’s always fun to crank up some tunes and have a rave strobe party in the patrol office…

…Or mess with the keyboards of people who are two-finger typers, and then they can’t figure out why their spelling errors shoot through the roof…

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Cheers all.

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