Ramon Allones 2014 RE Alemania 898’s – They’ve Finally Arrived!!!

So, they’re here…

Sadly, the band shortage must have been the reason for Habanos S.A. delaying on these for a year.  Lol.

A bit lighter than I normally like to see RA, and not overly oily either, but nice aromas, and an EXCEPTIONAL gesture that myself and a few other Canadian amigos received in assisting us to get the transaction set up.  Very happy to have these in hand finally – a year late is better than never!  And, though it’s only two boxes, I’m glad to at least have part of my order too!

Boxes 0279 and 0347 of 2000, both Jul 2015 “RAE” coded.  Can’t wait to dig into them and give them a good reviewing.  Will be doing that towards the tail-end of November after the next Cuba trip, and after these have 30 days or so to settle.

Cheers all.


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