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And so the travesty in Ferguson, Missouri reaches it’s tragic denouement…

Watching CNN right now.  The prosecutor isn’t even done reading his statement.  Within two minutes of stating “no indictment for Officer Wilson on any of the five counts”, the crowd is already unravelling.

Video snippets are already being shown of crowds of protestors running down the streets, already starting to cause mayhem, with the police already forming their riot lines.  Aggressive and tactical posturing is beginning on both sides.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the true residents of that small city, and the general area.  The looks of “professional protesters” are appearing to make this into an ugly and unfortunate climax.  As if the whole situation wasn’t bad enough, people are already starting to take advantage, yes advantage, of the situation as it is.  Peaceful protesting it is not.

Even with what the prosecutor is reading appearing to show that Michael Brown did in fact charge at Officer Wilson, and did appear to try to disarm the officer (which is a threat of serious-bodily-harm-or-death, directly armed or not, and not the completely innocent “little boy” that some try to proffer), people will look at it as a 100% race-against-race issue, and not for what it is – resentment and distrust, on both sides of the coin, leading to the destruction of two families and a community enduring the national embarrassment of the tragedy of social and racial disparities.

Good luck to them all.  Patience, understanding, racially-unbiased-justice and better temperaments are needed.