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Further MRN 2nd Edition Encyclopaedia delay details from Gino visiting Hong Kong…

So, it’s been relatively two weeks since I’ve posted anything here.  Various things have been happening that have precluded me from doing so.  But, that’s another post for another day.

But for tonight, Gino from Italy (aka “Mr Japan” from online forums) has messaged me regarding the upcoming Partagas Encuentros in Havana, but also asked me to pass this news along regarding the upcoming MRN 2nd Edition.  Gino’s good people, and a past president and patron of AmiCigar, the Italian cigar brotherhood, so a kind shout-out to him and his group…

New Logo Amicigar

Earlier today, Nino also posted about this news on his blog.  It concerns further details on the delays of the 2nd Edition of the MRN Encyclopaedia, and some fairly in-depth pictures.  Gino’s currently visiting with MRN in Hong Kong, so it’s another little insight on the upcoming Encyclopaedia.  As requested by Gino, I’ll post the text here, but please visit Nino’s page (or Gino’s and/or AmiCigar’s FaceBook page) for further pictures.

Cheers all.

“I am in Hong Kong and I like to share some important news about the second edition of the Encyclopaedia.

The delay is due to several factors that the author did not like, the main are :

1) Instead of 6 volumes x 400 pages there will be 2 volumes in a slip case each volume containing 200 pages.

So total are 12 volumes x 200 pages that will be easier to consult.

The presentation will be exactly the same.

2) Believe or not the outside of each volume will be cloth bound and it’s also water proof ….. actually it’s been tested also as champagne proof by myself :-)

3) There is a piece of thick nylon cloth glued totally between the hard cover and the double reinforced Smyth-sewn main book block, making the joining impossible to break apart.

4) When the book is open the double pages can be open totally flat to enjoy better reading and photos.

5) The bamboo bookcase will be totally colour matched.

Of course to inform myself about all the above details I had to sit and enjoy sipping some Veuve Cliquot Rose from 1985 … some Gosset 1999 …. Riesling Dr Loosen 2005 … and a few sticks of vintage cigars as you can see.

The party still goes on.


The MRN 2nd Edition Encyclopaedia – full delay details and follow-up…

So, a follow-up about the delays of the 2nd Edition of the MRN Encyclopaedia…


As was announced here and on the Nino’s Flying Cigar blog, the Second Edition of Min Ron Nee’s (MRN) “An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars” has been announced as delayed.  Nino has passed on to me about the details from MRN, with permission from the author to post it jointly both on here and on Nino’s blog.

The delay in publishing the book has apparently come about due to the technical complexities of the project and the well-meant obsession by MRN  to have the best possible quality in this new tome of his.  The stucture of the book is being changed, and the 2nd Edition will be therefore delayed about 1 to 2 years.

We’ve been assured that the photography is completed, the printing paper has been selected, etc.  But the presentation of the book (and this is a major contributing factor for the delay) will be changed slightly as the individual volumes, and thus the finished product, has proved to be too heavy and unwielding.

REGARDLESS OF THE DELAY, the following will occur:

  • All those who pre-paid will receive a full refund back from the author / printing consortium
  • All details and conditions of the original contract will remain in place (warranties, periodic updates, etc.)
  • The delay should be approximately 1 to 2 years
  • The pre-sale price and the numbers assigned or requested by confirmed buyers will be honoured for when the 2nd Edition is completely ready for release, should the pre-sale purchasers wish to continue

Me personally, I’m still somewhat disappointed to hear of such a lengthy delay, if only because I greedily want to see further pictures and write-ups on this mega-book.  However, given the explanation, and what’s involved with this project, I’m honestly not surprised.  Hell, it’s MRN’s personal love affair – if the delays mean he gets the perfection he wants out of it, then hat’s off to him.

Regardless of any delays, it still seems like one hell of an item, as the video attachment shows, which MRN and Nino forwarded to me.  Below, I’ve also attached the text from the official mail-out from the author, sent to all pre-sale purchasers.  To me, this tome still sounds like it’s on one hell of a firm footing (even with this), but it’s just some “perfectionist’s revisions”, so to speak, which is causing the delay.  Time, and (sometimes unfortunately) the court of public opinion will tell if these delays pan out to be a benefical thing for this project overall.

But, there’s the full info and word on the delays.  Sorry to be (along with Nino) the bearer of bad news to some.

Cheers all.

“Dear Buyers,

Because of unexpected technical difficulties, The Book cannot be released as scheduled.

There will be a blanket refund for all who have paid by credit card or by telegraphic transfer before the end of October 2014.

Please note that for Buyers who still wish to buy The Book when it is released, the contract between the Buyer and Interpro Business Corporation will remain valid, in such previous details as price and number assigned.”