Good Friend Rob / “Freefallguy”…

These pictures make me smile every time I see them…

From a past visit last summer, where good friend Rob / “Freefallguy” came up for a big cigar charity event, stayed over to visit with Erin and I and the kids, and had a good ol’ time.  As a red-blooded American fella, with a long family history on the East Coast of the U.S., and family business tied in to construction work for the DoD and various military installations along that area, Rob and I always had some good chats about what I do, and the variances from U.S. to Canadian aspects on everything from military, cigars, booze, you name it.

He got a bit of a tickle finding out that I actually had some of my own civilian-licensed weapons for range time, and wanted a bit of a selfie with some Canadian firepower.  Must a’ been to show those back home that we’re not ALL armed with only bacon and maple syrup, LOL.

Can’t wait to meet up with you this November again at the very least, Rob, or if not later this summer perhaps too!  I’ll keep the BBQ fired up, and will stock up on more ammo too!

Cheers all.

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