Jamaica Trip, Apr 2015: Pirate Beach Party and Local Flair…

Following up on my previous posts about the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and some of our pool and food adventures, we met a couple of people who have stayed at that resort before, and they told us about a Pirate Beach Party that takes place every Thursday night.

We were thinking, “this is an adults-only resort”, “why would they do a show for kids?”  Well, the all-out beachfront display and people’s comments made us want to go and check it out for ourselves…

And it was sooooo well worth it, especially when the event staff got the crowd involved in the act, from little things like sneaking up being people in their chairs and tickling their ears with a long feather, to heckling the pirate midget.  That’s right – a little-person, dressed up like a pirate, and playing the role of “jackass midget” as he said.  LOL.  Awesome.

And of course, before the events, Erin just had to get her local flair on, in between the hustle and bustle of drinking poolside and feasting like kings earlier that afternoon, and indulge in a little pedicure appointment…

…which the pirates promptly made fun of her at that night’s event.  “Oooooh!  Those toenails look like they’re made of EMERALDS!  Chop ’em off!”  LOL.

Cheers all.

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