Snowbirds Flying Around…

The Canadian Forces “Snowbirds” just flew over my house about twenty minutes ago…

…and I couldn’t get to my effing iPhone / camera in time.  LOL.  Nice little flyby in their standard formation, cruising at only about 250-300 feet max.  Shoulda been a nice little look-see for the kiddies in town.

Apparently, they were just flying over a local school, on their way from the London / St. Thomas, ON airshow this past weekend, down to a Michigan airshow over the next few days, and then I believe they’re expected at this weekend’s big military airshow at CFB Trenton this weekend (which I’m taking the family to).  More pics and such of that after the weekend.

But a quick recent review coming later today, then continuing on with the catch-up posts from the past year…

Cheers all.

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