Jamaica Trip, Apr 2015: A Beautiful Escape in Montego Bay…

So, a bit of a step back in time here.  Catching up on various posts from the past year, one of several big items was a trip that my wife and I took to Jamaica last April.  As I’ve discussed a bit before, 2015 was a very trying year for us both.  We needed a bit of a getaway last spring (more so than even I myself realized), and so we settled (ha!) on the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Well, I knew resorts went 3-, 4- and 5-star in ratings, but I didn’t realize they stepped up to 3-, 4- and 5-diamond after that.  We paid a pretty penny for the trip, but we thought well worth it, thinking we were booking a 5+ star all-inclusive resort.  Once we got there, and realized it was a 4-diamond location, we were pleasantly surprised, and our big-spend trip became a just that much more worth it.

Our flight down was fun, but there was a distinct difference of morning snack choices for men versus women…

On arrival, the resort blew us away with it’s overall design, layout, appointment, and features…

The view from our room alone was impeccable…

Honestly, we didn’t end up doing much besides room, pool, breakfast buffet, poolside, beach, pool bar, room, pool, supper restaurants, bed.  I don’t think we travelled more than 100 meters in any single direction all week.  It was a specific thing that Erin tasked me with – rather than my “usual” travel routine of doing excursions and checking out various local places and go-go-go, she wanted me to try a beach vacay, her way, and just do only poolside and beach.  Drink, eat, suntan, smoke cigars and be merry.

We did it damn well, too.

More to come shortly…

Cheers all.

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