Shit, I Hate It When My Hard Drive Fries Out…

Best laid plans, huh???  Fuckin’ ‘puters!!!

So, the day after my last post on May 9th about my recent visit with Hamlet, and after I had spent the previous number of days in getting a whole bunch of blog posts all put together with text and photos readied in files, my computer’s main hard drive decided it was gonna glitch out on me.  Shitty deal.  Normally, it would be a quick reinsertion of a new hard drive, install the backup from my secondary hard drive, and relatively good to go.  But, since I installed Windows 10 back just before New Year’s, for whatever reason, my Acronis backup software was turned off.  So, with the last backup completed on December 30th, that means that I had almost 5 months of pics, docs, e-mails (both personal and work-related), etc., all gone POOF!!! into the night.

Anywho, I’ve relatively been able to piece together what I had from before.  Thankfully, the vast amounts of pictures that I transferred to my computer in that timeline from my iPhone and other digital camera cards were either backed up on other portable drives, or still on my iPhone.  So, a TEENY little bit of sweat was wiped from my brow on that note.  That said, it has been an exercise in frustration in trying to do data recovery and reformatting, pulling stuff from here there and everywhere, to try to get to the same place that I was at already at the start of this month.

Fingers crossed for no more hiccups like that anymore.  Or at least for a good long while, until after I get all caught up on here.

More after the jump.

Cheers all.

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