Ahhhhh…Long-Stint Vacation Time!!!

So, April 21st has come and gone.  Vacation time!!!

I know, I know, I know – I’ve been promising more posts and updates for months now, but I know I’ve definitely been lacking in producing them.  Close friends and family are aware of goings on, but I’ve been getting a number of messages and e-mails from readers and other extended friends, wondering where the updates are, and what’s going on!  LOL.

Basically, long-story short…

The last little bit in the Military Police has caused some hardships at home.  It’s definitely been a trying few years, with the time away from family, but the last year specifically more so.  As I’ve said to others – it’s sometime hard to swallow always being away for days on end, protecting other people’s homes and kids, when I can’t even be home to tuck my own in every day.  So, there’s that issue to reconcile with my family life.  There’s also been some wooing from outside agencies too.  So, I made a decision back in the fall to take a bit of a step back.  I’ve currently released as a full-time, “regular force” patrol MP.  I’ve done a “component transfer” down to the reserves, as a still-credentialed MP (sort of – it’s as/when needed), still potentially able to do TASO / air marshal-type duties, etc.  And, it allows me to still do any overseas tours in the future.  As well, I’m looking towards a potential September or October-ish start with a civilian police force too.  So, that would let me have the best of both worlds, coming from the Military Police / TASO world, to have a civilian policing job, but still in as an MP reservist and TASO.  Very cool, and might be the best path forward for me and my family.

The plan for right now though is to take a number of months off to repair and replenish the homefront batteries – I’m planning to do relatively nothing until the daughter starts full-day junior-kindergarten in September.  Ahhhh, Canadian summertime – PERFECT TIMING!  Lots of time to smoke cigars, drink rum, watch the kids, do some home-repair / honey-do-list stuff.  And, lots of time to get stuff updated on here finally.

I have some stuff going back to last June almost, with quite a number of cigar reviews to get caught up on too (uuuhhhh, remember when the Diplomaticos Bushidos FIRST came out early last year???  Well, I got a nice sample from LCDH Toronto, but then failed to actually post my review up of it.  Oooops.)  Lots of flyin’-around-the-world-and-shit stuff to get up on here also.  I’m guessing, all told, I might have a post up on here roughly every other day or so, for the better part of almost two months, JUST to get caught up.  Pretty psyched actually.

So – that’s some of the background of what’s been going on.  Hope you enjoy the following few weeks of posts, until I’m back to “real-time” reviews again, and it should help get all of us all caught up again.  Sweeeeeeeet.

Cheers all.

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