Havana Trip, Nov 2015: Good Times With Good Friends…

As usual, when we all met up in Havana last November, the enjoyable conversations and time spent with one another was memorable.

We always find time to smoke “some” cigars, eat “a little” good food, have a “few” drinks, talk waaaaaaay too much about politics and the world’s problems, bitch and moan about anything and everything, stare at a few nice legs and asses, and have a grand olde fuckin’ time doing it.

This past November was generally more of the same.  The benefit is – the added past experiences and past bonds only make the additional time spent together that much more memorable and enjoyable.

From good times at the Nacional…

…to various spots around the city…

…it was another wonderful trip.

Hell, even though it was a “cigar trip”, Nino even talked Erin and I into taking in an afternoon at Tarara Beach for a bit of tranquilo fun in the sun and sand.  Well worth the trip out of town, too.

The restful times made up for the only-occasional-foray (on THIS trip) into Havana’s nightlife too…

Here’s to many, many more!

Cheers all.

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