I’ve Missed You All…

Sorry to have been away.  I’ve missed you all.  The traffic and feedback I’ve got recently has been amazing, especially considering this is still such a relatively young and unknown blog, only being less than a year old.

I’ve also got some messages from a few of you, and can see in my metrics, when those of you out there share certain blog posts or main pages via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, various cigar forums, etc., etc.  THANK YOU very much for that.  I don’t cross-promote / post via any of those other avenues – my only online footprint really is this blog, and on the FOH forum, so the added exposure definitely helps to get the word out.

But anyways, and not surprisingly with the way things are right now, some family and work obligations in the past two months have necessitated me to put “Lights, Sirens and Cigars” on the back burner a bit lately.  However, this is something I hope to turn around in short order.  My scheduling has allowed me to have LOADS of time to relax and indulge in these little passions over this upcoming summer, with a number of weeks off starting this week coming up.

So, there’ll be lots more to come soon enough.  I’ve got a WHACK ton of cigar reviews to get updated, I know – some have really been bugging me (and rightly so) to get those posted up here, from a few great little get-together experiences.  Some interesting things work related as well.  A GREAT series of pictures and smoked cigars from an incredibly WICKED trip that my wife and I took in mid-April to Rose Hall / Montego Bay, Jamaica.  And even maybe a time-lapse walk-through of the recent backyard upgrades that I’ve been working so hard on last year and this spring, to better give me my backyard cigar escape, and my family a serene relaxation spot.

Keep the channel tuned here.  Loads to come.

Cheers all.

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