Havana Trip, Feb-Mar 2015: Booze and Cigars For Sale, Must Go To Good Home…

So, as I posted about earlier in March regarding the new Cohiba Silver humidors available at the Habana Libre LCDH store, Havana occasionally comes out with new stuff for sale.  And all usually for “the most bestest discerning enthusiast of Habanos” [or insert cheesy Spanish-to-bad-English-translation sales pitch here].

Like everything debauchery-related in Havana, booze and cigars are generally always for sale.  Kinda like free kittens.  Who doesn’t want free kittens???  And they’re ALWAYS available (damn cats won’t stop humpin’, that’s why!), as long as they go to a “good home” (whatever the hell that means).  But shiiiiiiiit, if you’re taking free kittens, that might be a judge that it’s NOT going to a good home.  Vis a vie, I guess that’s why booze and cigars can’t be far behind.

Anyways, Cuba, in its infinite wisdom, came up with a few other new goodies for February’s Habanos Festival.  Forgot to mention them before, but just came across the pics when I was putting together another review.  Namely, the new goodies are some more expensive cigars (Cohiba, of course), those earlier mentioned Cohiba Silver thingamagigers (yay, Cohiba), and even some expensive rum-slash-brandy-mix (Cohiba, fuck yeah!)

But, the silver lining is that I happened to stumble upon a new “elixir”.  For those in love with Legendario Elixir, this stuff is gold.  It’s a liquor that’s MADE from rum.  That’s right – they take rum (already good) and make it thicker and sweeter as an aperitif drink (sometimes even gooder, depending on your mood).  Anywho, I happened to stumble upon what seems to be another elixir, perhaps to compete for tourist dollars with Legendario.  It’s quite a bit cheaper / inexpensive to Legendario, but to me, it tasted very similar, albeit perhaps not as thick and syrupy.  And it seemed to be all over the place when I was down there in Feb-Mar (I didn’t see it at all back in November, or previous to this trip).

“Elixir 33”, made by Cubay.  Same idea as Legendario – a liquor made from 5-year-old rum, and only $4.95 CUC’s a bottle!  If the availability is more prominent than Legendario, they definitely may have a shot, given the lucrative pricing.

So, give it a try if you stumble upon it.  Can’t hurt the risk, at that price.  Unlike some of the other new stuff.

Cheers all.

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