Habanos Festival in Full Swing…

So, this year’s Habanos Festival is underway currently.  I’m now getting lots of the Habanos S.A. propaganda e-mails.  It’s funny how H S.A. is about that – nearly no news throughout the year when cigar enthusiasts are asking for answers / info, but then oodles of e-mails and non-info when H S.A. can use something to their advantage and toot their horn.

Almost too much badly-English-translated info about festival events and new releases that not many care about, but not enough throughout the year about discontinuations, lengthy delays, etc., and stuff that people are actually interested about.

On that note, since my passport will now likely be blocked upon my arrival in Havana in a few days…LOL…here’s a few links for those that want them about current news from the Habanos Festival, straight from the horse’s….er, mouth.


Mainly…cigars and booze pair well together, cigar-festival-goers visit the newest bestest finca, RyJ and Monte “Anejados” are the newest bees knees that have apparently been aged for 5 years without ANYONE IN THE CIGAR WORLD KNOWING ABOUT THEM (highly suspect), etc., etc.

I also found it funny about an article that they did in December, but that I just saw through these e-mailings, that talked about our blind tasting in November of the LFDC Siboney 2014 RE Canada.  And I quote – “They highlighted the quality of La Flor del Cano Siboney Habanos and described it as a fine cigar, with great burning and excellent taste; so there is no doubt that this Regional Edition is going to make it big in Canada.”

Yeah….ummmmm, no.  Not how I or any of us saw it.  I remember one chap say “yeah, it was good”, and then rated it a 7 or 7-1/2 out of 10.  Being kind.  My review I did here definitely didn’t illustrate it either.

Ahhhhhh, to be the spin doctors at a company like H S.A.

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