More Coming Soon…

Okay, as of yesterday, I’ve graduated my QL5 course, my “coach officer” course for lack of a better phrase. Twenty started, 19 graduated, and I placed somewhere in the top three or four I was told (we’re not given all the specifics). Back at normal work now, and stepping right into it with court scheduled for tomorrow.

It was a bitch of a month. Definitely an intensive course – the added pay bump feels that much more worthwhile. But glad to be back to normal now, per say. I’ve got a couple reviews already done, and coming up for posting over the next few days. I have Trinidad Vigias and Por Laranaga Picadores in my hand now too, with reviews of those coming down the pipe over the next few days (much delayed, I know).

Further updates coming. Stay tuned.

Cheers all.

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