2015 Habanos S.A. Cigar Releases Anyone???

Since we’re still waiting on some of Habanos’ 2014 cigar releases (snicker snicker snicker), why not start the pre-emptive looking-forward to 2015 releases!!!

I know this list has already been posted elsewhere and gone around, but I wanted to post it here too for reference sakes.  Some further reviews coming shortly…

2015 Habanos S.A. cigar releases

4 thoughts on “2015 Habanos S.A. Cigar Releases Anyone???”

  1. Hi Keith,

    May be interesting for you, just seen on the homepage of the Portmanns
    Switzerland will receive a LGC Glorias in boxes of 25 (8-9-8).


    1. That is interesting. They have it listed as an 8-9-8 of 25 sticks, and H S.A.’s list shows as a 10-pack. Might be a bit too large of packaging for that format of cigar – depends on the pricing. I’m a bit surprised/disappointed there too – they’re naming it Glorias, but the size (54 x 180mm) is completely off by the older/classic pre-1970’s Glorias (46 x 162mm). So, they’re making this another (longer) Sublimes basically, rather than a gran corona.

      Regardless, it’s always nice to see the various love that my three favourite (LGC, RA, QdO) of the “lesser” brands get. Just wish there were less jawbreakers in there!

      Cheers Ute! Thanks for sharing!


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