Nothing like some great cigars and great times with fellow BOTL’s…

Had the opportunity a week or so ago now to get together with some good friends / BOTL’s at the pad of one of them, and we shared some great cigars and times.  We had the chance to go over some of the Havana hijinx, which a couple of them missed out on this year.

Our gracious host for the evening had a lacklustre bar set-up though, LOL…



Some great cigars were traded back and forth, and I had the chance to enjoy some of the following:

Monsdale, Nov 2014 roll – from the recent Cuba trip, of which I brought a bunch of these for the various attendees. Enjoyed this with some lovely Chianti, and in between some Pizzaiolo gourmet pizzas (the Godfather, and the Soprano).

Cohiba Robusto, Oct 2013 “BTO” – gifted this in kind from our generous host for the evening. Really got into this bad boy, drinking a Coke while smoking this, quite a noted powerhouse experience for this El Laguito rolled stick. Big, bold flavours – very interested to see what this production run ends up smoking like at about the 3-5 year mark.

I was also gifted a couple of other stellar sticks from the gents that night – a 2007 QdO Panatela, a 1970’s cello-wrapped RA Topper, and a lovely smelling Partagas 898.

A great night. No muss, no fuss; just a few nice cigars, great drinks, awesome BOTL’s, and awesome times.

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