Who’s ready for Havana in February 2015???

So, some of us are still recovering from the Partagas Encuentros that was in November.  Me following that up with a deer hunting week definitely has made me draaaaaag my way into December.  I’ve got a bunch of great reviews to be put up here during the next two weeks – some great aged stuff, some wonderfully classic LE’s, and some new up-and-coming releases and other rarities.

In the meantime, I’m looking at the New Year.  The 17th edition of the Habanos Festival is due to be held during February 23rd to 27th.  If it works out for me with some various work options and scheduling things going on, I’m looking at taking a jaunt down there for this one.  As such, I’ve received a copy of the preliminary event itinerary, and thought I’d share it here…

Preliminary program 17th Habanos Festival (Feb 2015)

So, hope it’ll work out, and I can meet up in Havana once again with old and new friends alike.

Cheers all.

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