So…I hate when people try to make me lose my lunch…

It sometimes makes for interesting times. “Dirty MP”. “Let’s have some fun with him”.

Hey, just because I have the scarlet hat and a gun or eight, doesn’t mean that I’m any more of a man who would keep a barf bag beside him when a tactical orientation flight turns into one big prank. LOL.

Very fun, but definitely, like roller coasters, makes me feel that feeling of “my gawd, I’m not in control and I HATE it” sensation.

Sorry for some of the pictures though – nightime lighting, and certain points, especially with open rear ramps, I was NOT gonna risk holding my iPhone in my hands, lest it become expensive and dangerous airborne debris for some poor bastard sitting in his backyard and watching the stars when a couple of jackasses tactically zoom along the treetops.

From a couple of nights ago…

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