So…I hate when people try to make me lose my lunch…

It sometimes makes for interesting times. “Dirty MP”. “Let’s have some fun with him”.

Hey, just because I have the scarlet hat and a gun or eight, doesn’t mean that I’m any more of a man who would keep a barf bag beside him when a tactical orientation flight turns into one big prank. LOL.

Very fun, but definitely, like roller coasters, makes me feel that feeling of “my gawd, I’m not in control and I HATE it” sensation.

Sorry for some of the pictures though – nightime lighting, and certain points, especially with open rear ramps, I was NOT gonna risk holding my iPhone in my hands, lest it become expensive and dangerous airborne debris for some poor bastard sitting in his backyard and watching the stars when a couple of jackasses tactically zoom along the treetops.

From a couple of nights ago…

Gurus versus Guides…

So, a topic of discussion came up on the Friends of Habanos forum (FOH) a bit ago, and it’s something that’s recurringly come up over the years.  “Cigar gurus”, and the passion that they can sometimes evoke from people.

Some swear by their “gurus”.  And I’m talking cigars here, so we’re looking at Min Ron Nee, James Suckling, Simon Chase, Hamlet Jaime Paredes, and various other personalities, be it in books, video form, photo blogs, etc.  Obviously, that’s not an all-inclusive list, and I don’t wish to debate those names – they’re just some of the most well-known names in the cigar world recently, just for the purpose of discussion.

Unfortunately, just as much as some follow every word of these gents for example, there are others out there who just as voraciously talk down about them.  Granted, most understand that once you publish a book, create a video, etc., you’re putting yourself out there for public discussion as much as consumption, and constructive criticism is a part of that game.  But, in this day and age of the internet, and the anonymity that it affords, some take the constructive aspect out of that, and are just…pricks, for lack of a more refined word.

They’re passionate debates.  Some in the discussions have close friendships with many of these “gurus”, and thus are defensive on their friends’ behalves.  Others have a bit of cigar jealously going on perhaps, some hateful envy, or just simply don’t know how other to state their opposition of said gurus’ perspective without putting spiteful and rudely-speculative comments into the conversations.

Some people on forums, no matter the subject matter, just DON’T KNOW how to have a courteous and respectful conversation with anyone, and are just socially retarded.

Especially in this day and age of blogs (lol, welcome, by the way!) and YouTube, if an everyday joe wants to start an online blog or show, they easily can.  It doesn’t cost much more than your time and effort.  I’m of the viewpoint of many others here – if it adds more to our hobby, if it informs just one more new cigar smoker, if it makes the journey better or easier for anyone, if it adds something to the cigar world, then GREAT.  Have at it.  Please have broad shoulders though – depending on how polarizing you are, if you get a thousand positive comments, expect a thousand negative ones too.  Please realize there are always going to be detractors, differing views, “haters”, contrarians on the other side of the conversation.  And please understand that if you’re going to profess the statements of a previous “guru” as your own, if you’re not edumacated enough on the subject matter itself, if you just repeat something you heard somewhere else (correct or not) and you have no personal experience or proper knowledge to add to the conversation, then you’re gonna get called out on it.  If you “set a stage” so to speak, and surround yourself with “big pimpin’” items and a set behind you, people are gonna see right through that and you’re going to polarize them.

And fans of these experts / gurus are sometimes on the wrong rationale in the conversation, too.  Unless you know the person personally, and/or have some other inside info to share, just since an expert has an online show and “works in a cigar store” doesn’t mean that his or her opinion gets to trumps anyone’s.  I’ve met people who worked in cigar stores who knew less about the subject matter than I or some others have forgot.  People who worked in, for example, private (non-LCDH) cigar stores for 10+ years and tried to tell a 3-month-into-the-hobby-buddy-of-mine, who had more than an ounce of common sense, that the warranty seals on Cuban boxes were “optional accessories” when he saw a stack of what appeared to be counterfeit Cohiba Espy’s.  I’ve seen other people simply acting as shills for various cigar manufacturers in their YouTube videos, and spouting the “company line” rather than giving an actual review or, gawd forbid, a real opinion.

So… “has a show and works in a cigar store” shouldn’t trump automatically, that’s for damn sure.  There are many passionate and EXTREMELY knowledgeable people in the hobby (and, yes, on many forums) who couldn’t give a DAMN to do a blog, YouTube videos, articles for a cigar magazine, etc.

I have a huge issue with people who are self-professed “experts”, or who thrive on the “guru” title and status that others may have afforded them.  I grew up being taught to be affable and confident, to take charge when needed, but to be courteous and humble, in everything I do.  So when I see flagrant egos come into the picture, I’ve always had an issue with that, like with someone calling themselves a Doctor on a subject when they have no degree, no background, no real specialty training, nothing more exacting than perhaps another average joe.  Someone who demands respect and admiration by a title, rather than earning it modestly.

The various online cigar forums, for example, have TONS of discussions of long-time-member and long-time-cigar-smoker recommendations and opinions (’cause they are mostly just that after all, opinions – full “facts” are hard to come by with this hobby, due to variable palates and personal preferences) on aging cigars, flavour profiles, tastes, etc., etc.  Some of these people couldn’t care less to do videos or a blog either – doesn’t mean their opinions are moot.

I believe it comes down to this.  We are EACH our OWN cigar guru.  There’s a number of other people who have said it before me, and I fully agree with their thoughts – in this hobby, due to its nature of being so heavily reliant on individual palates and personal perception, there are no full guru or expert opinions.  We are our own experts on our own palate.  Yes, there are many things where some of us can give a heavily qualified opinion on – aging cigars, coolerdor / humidor set-up, bands / packaging / counterfeits, general flavour profiles, etc., etc.  And it’s up to any individual person to take all those opinions with a grain of salt, and extrapolate what will best work for him/her based on his/her individual setups, palate, storage, etc., etc.

But no one can be a guru to all.  We’re all simply GUIDES for each other, until each person has hit their own threshold of being experienced enough to be their own “guru.”

Enjoy the voyage.

Cheers all.